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How it Works

Direct Primary Care--Kind of new, kind of old

Direct Primary Care is a fairly new way of delivering health care.  It's a membership based system which leaves out the middlemen who put up barriers to the doctor-patient relationship.  Healthcare corporations and insurance companies, which siphon out resources for their own good while creating barriers to care are not part of Direct Primary Care.

It's new, but it's also old--the way doctors used to care for their patients.  Dr. Rider loves getting to know families and spend as much time with you as you need.  

Service area for home visits is the Upper St. Croix River Valley area, see Service Area page.  Families outside of this area may join but have an additional mileage fee for home visits.  All other care by text, phone call, email and video visit is the same.

It is recommended that you maintain health insurance for your family to cover needs such as hospitalization, emergencies, and referrals to specialists.

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